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"Again a very good course , very interesting pitched at the right level. Thank You."
Shane Berry, HMP Wakefield - 29th Oct 2013

"Very informative course."
Stuart Jones, Crane Payment Solutions - 1st Nov 2011

"Very good course well presented."
Michael Jordan, HMP Whitemoor - 29th Oct 2013

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, covered every aspect of monitoring which I needed to understand. The equations were tricky to sort, but thankfully Steve was prepared to go over it until it was fully understood."
Graham Jones, BAE Systems - 30th Apr 2013

"I found the course most enjoyable in a lovely surrounding. The course lecturer, Steve Lockwood was very professional and delivered the course with great enthusiasm."
Jason Day, EDF Energy - 29th Oct 2013

"Good Course."
James Pink, Cleveland Potash Limited - 1st May 2012

"A very in-depth course, very enjoyable course, with good friendly tutor."
Tony Woodhouse, Norse commercial Services - 21st Oct 2014

"I found the training course well put together and enjoyed the training. The maths seamed complicated but it all came together at the end. The new spreadsheet Steve introduced will help."
Andy Drake, ATS Euromaster - 8th Apr 2014

"Very good course delivered by a very good instructor."
Howard Carr, Cleveland Potash Limited - 21st Oct 2014

"The course was very informative and Steve was open to any questions that needed to be answered or explained. Overall, a successful course. I know the others on the course enjoyed it thoroughly."
Chris Dunk, Castle Group Limited - 8th Apr 2014

This is a random sample of the 21 testimonials we have for the Practical Air Sampling for COSHH Competent Course.

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"Excellent course content, delivered to give full understanding of the subject."
Jon Hazelgrove, BASF PLC - 3rd Jun 2014

"Interesting well delivered course."
Ivan Tibble, Qualter Hall & Company Limited - 3rd Jun 2014

"Excellent one day course giving overview of air content it's measurement and control."
Bob Hope, BHPMS Health & Safety - 20th Nov 2014

"Informative and interesting. Thank you"
Louise Roberts, PTL Occupation Hygiene Consultants - 3rd Jun 2014

"Thank you I now have an insight into Air Sampling."
Philippa Sutton, HAV Control Limited - 3rd Jun 2014

"Good start introduction and practicaluse of the air sampling equipment. COSHH principles nicely outlined, practical demonstration a little bit messy at times.- overall good."
Alicya Gardzilewick, Fenner Precision - 2nd Jun 2014

"Updated my knowledge and identified some points to take back."
Karl Mills, Walsall Council - 20th Nov 2014

"Very interesting course, which engages the participants to discuss and share their experiences."
Matthew Riley, The Binding Site Group - 3rd Jun 2014

"Very interesting. I would like to do three day course."
Dave Lovatt, BASF PLC - 3rd Jun 2014

"Excellent course."
Gary Marsden, G.P.Fume - 3rd Jun 2014

This is a random sample of the 13 testimonials we have for the Air Sampling In A Day Course.

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"An enjoyable and informative course."
Peter Winnicki, Zotefoams PLC - 8th Nov 2011

"Well organised, well run course a very effective learning course."
Bill Sweenie, Exxon Mobile - 2nd Aug 2011

"Course very relevant and well executed. Made it interesting, accommodation and hospitality excellent."
Ged Robinson, GKN Autostructure - 4th Feb 2014

"The course I found to be exactly what I was expecting and covered all aspects that I will require to carry out assessments when returning to work."
Mark Suckling, AWE PLC - 8th Nov 2011

"Very good, educational and entertaining course, Many thanks."
Allan Wise, Huntsman Tioxide - 6th Nov 2012

"Lecturer kept a monotorious subject interesting and enjoyable. Course notes are helpful to refer to for future reports."
Will Vernon, Castle Group Limited - 4th Feb 2014

"Very interesting, have learnt a lot coming from a position of knowing nothing. Thank You "
Sandra Sandon, Worcestershire County Council - 2nd Aug 2011

"Good course, work folders consise and informative. Great venue hotel and town."
Gordon Lines, ISO Enigma solutions Ltd - 2nd Aug 2011

"Very good course well explained by Chris."
Iolo Owen, Celtest - 2nd Aug 2011

"An excellent well presented course with good group interaction. Great facilities, and comfortable stay."
Stuart Green, Morgan Sidall - 2nd Aug 2011

This is a random sample of the 15 testimonials we have for the Environmental Noise: "Handling Noise Complaints to BS4142" Competency Course.

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"I found the training course interesting and useful as we complete a lot of on site testing (HAV)."
Rob Chattley, Worlifts - 3rd Dec 2013

"Chris from Acoustic Associates delivered a very informative and enjoyable course."
John Virgo, Telford & Wrekin Services Limited - 3rd Feb 2015

"Chris was fantastic throughout the course. Venue and lunches very good. Course content was very good."
Willie Jeffrey, Dundee City Council - 2nd Dec 2014

"This was a brilliant course, well paced and thought provoking the information gained was excellent and will be used within our company."
A Bowdidge, Spectrum Property Care Ltd - 23rd Mar 2013

"The course was very informative. Wouldrecommend the training course to anyone who has dealings with HAVS."
Anil Chauhan, Jaguar Land Rover - 13th Mar 2012

"The course was excellent, very relevant and update. Presentation was very good made it easy to understand."
Mark Rogers, Eggborough Power Limited - 3rd Feb 2015

"An excellent course and delivered at the right rate."
Andrew Brownett, Doncasters Structures Limited - 17th Jan 2012

"Very interesting course, would recommend this course to others."
Peter Smith, Knowsley Borough Council - 17th Jun 2014

"Everyone including the tutor, Simon and all delegates kept me comfortable during my stay. All of them were superb chaps for my whole like experience. Wishing to see you all again."
Asim Syed Mohammad, International Power Global Developments Limited - 18th Jan 2011

"I have got a lot from the course, it is going to be very helpful in my role back at the factory."
Darren Swift, British Sugar PLC - 24th Sep 2013

This is a random sample of the 133 testimonials we have for the HAVS Vibration Training - Competent Persons Course.

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"Very good course, well taught and mixed up with various types of training material. Definitely improved my knowledge in HAVS."
John Hopkinson, Derby County Council - 18th Nov 2014

"Good range of equipment on display and practical was useful."
John Reilly, Babcock International - 18th Nov 2014

"Very informative, helpful advice on how to use HAVS recorders and implement the information."
Neville Keyworth, Bury Council - 20th May 2014

"Good course - lots of information in one day presented at a good pace. Simon certainly knows his stuff. Will revise our requirements and will definitely consider Castle Group."
J Brady, Tinken - 20th May 2014

"Very useful course, practical and theory, good use of slides and hand units."
Paul Evison, Stoke on Trent Council - 18th Nov 2014

"Enjoyable course, well balanced with information on all aspects on HAVS and WBV. Thank you."
Philippa Sutton, HAV Control Limited - 20th May 2014

"A really informative course, delivered by extremely knowledgeable team."
Paul foster, Places for People - 20th May 2014

"Presented informative contents in a digestable manner for a novice in the subject matter."
Ross Growcott, Halcyon Environmental - 18th Nov 2014

"Interesting with a good balance of practical examples and suggestins."
Kay Moss, Muntons PLC - 18th Nov 2014

"Really good course, very informative and interesting, will be usefull for me in future when companies are requesting HAV assessment. Good practical use of vibration assessment equipment and its relevance to industrial and commercial applications."
Andrew Beevers, HS Direct - 20th May 2014

This is a random sample of the 28 testimonials we have for the HAVS In A Day Course.

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"Very well accepted, treated very well, very organised, very nice dinner. Simon was an excellent host."
Taraq Hussain, the Hearing Clinic - 1st Jul 2014

"I think that this course is very informative and provides really good training about audiometry. The lecturer was both educational, professional and entertaining.- Many Thanks "
Jill Durbidge, HMYOI Wetherby - 15th Feb 2011

"Excellent course - well delivered."
Robert Thomson, JTC Furniture Group - 13th Nov 2012

"Course was brilliant, I really enjoyed it the tutor was absolutely competent and answered all my questions."
Rosen Andreev, ABP Ellesmere - 15th Feb 2011

"Well organized, great hospitality. Good in-depth knowledge on the subject."
Andrea Weatherly, Bernard Mathews Foods - 13th Nov 2012

"Presentation flowed out of Mac's experience which was enjoyable and helpful."
Malcolm Honeysett, Middlesborough College - 13th Nov 2012

"Thank you for an interesting informative course. I feel I have learnt the best practice and can go and set up an audiometric programme confident that we will get it right."
Heidi Moore, Bernard Mathews Foods - 2nd Jul 2013

"Great course. Mac is a very good coach, money well spent. Came to the course a novice and left competent!!"
Simon Tuffey, P & B Metal Components Ltd. - 21st Feb 2012

"Excellent course with a very good tutor 'Mac' a wealth of experience to impact and does so with gusto!! Very enjoyable."
Sharron Lowrie, EMI Company Limited - 21st Feb 2012

"Very knowledgeable presenters, clarified a lot of dark areas."
Ann Merriman, Bernard Mathews Foods - 13th Nov 2012

This is a random sample of the 21 testimonials we have for the Audiometric Screening for Businesses - Competent Persons Course.

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"Very good course, great location and very well run course. All running the course went out of their way to make you welcome."
John Rider, Andros UK - 16th Jul 2013

"The course was good. Well paced and easily understood. Lots of time for interaction and any questions asked were answer3ed well. The trainer presented the course well and with humour which all help to make it an enjoyable and informative course. Thank You."
Hilary Grabham, WCS Environmental - 13th May 2014

"Extremely well delivered course, tutor Islington Council had indepth knowledge and course info was well delivered."
James Nurse, Centrica - 26th Nov 2013

"Stephen did a really good job of simplifying the calculations. Good relaxed learning environment examples were really helpful and practical should help in the future. Very helpful and useful course."
Jonathan Crabb, university of Reading - 29th Nov 2011

"Great course, put across in a simple and enjoyable manner, demystifies the requirements of all the noise at work regs."
David Allen, Getrag Ford Transmissions - 16th Sep 2014

"The course has been excellent. Steve Marshall took time to ensure it was understood. The pace was right and detail good. I would recommend a Castle Course to any one in my company. Many thanks for a great course!"
Adrian Steinkamp, Carillion - 12th Jul 2011

"A good course that was informative, giving me an understanding and application of Noise Measurements in the workplace."
Richard Milsom, First Great Western - 10th Jan 2012

"There was a lot of content within the course and delivered professional by Steve. Lost a bit initially but at the end managed to gain the knowledge required."
Danny McCartney, City of Edinburgh Council - 29th Nov 2011

"I thought Stephen put over the course very well and made it easier for me to understand as this was my first time on a course like this, again very well presented."
Alex McGregor, Bernard Mathews Foods Limited - 30th Apr 2013

"The course was really good and Stephen was very helpful and I felt I learnt a lot."
Marcus Robinson, NAMRC - 25th Nov 2014

This is a random sample of the 144 testimonials we have for the Noise at Work Training - Competent Persons Course.

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"Very enjoyable course made easy to understand."
Diane McCarthy, - 21st May 2014

"Very enjoyable course, well presented and very informative."
John Brady, Timken UK Limited - 21st May 2014

"Good refresher course, liked your demonstrations."
Jacki Rhodes, Babcock - 19th Nov 2014

"A very informative session, delivered by a very knowledgeable team."
Paul Foster, Places for People - 21st May 2014

"Very informative and will help me to understand better external noise assessments."
Matthew Evison, PHS Group - 19th Nov 2014

"Very Interesting Thanks."
Doug Lovatt, BASF UK Ltd - 21st May 2014

"A very interesting course filled with plenty of information."
M Lockland, Timken Rail Services - 21st May 2014

"I thought the course was helpful and educational, learnt how to use the equipment."
Darrell Wood, Traceman Limited - 21st May 2014

"Gives a good starting point for noise reduction and management."
Sean Rodgers, St Ledger Homes - 21st May 2014

"Very helpful, professional and informative."
Ross Growcott, Halcyon Environmental - 19th Nov 2014

This is a random sample of the 20 testimonials we have for the Noise In A Day Course.


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