Surveillance Audiometry and Hearing Conservation

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£599.00 (£718.80 inc VAT)

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3 days

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Date: Wed 7 Jun 2023
Venue: Bathgate
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Date: Wed 4 Oct 2023
Venue: Bathgate
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In partnership with Albacare, Castle Group are able to offer this BSA nationally recognised course which provides competence based training and assessment for Occupational Health Professionals. It is designed to meet the definitions of competency as defined in the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed specifically for Occupational Health Professionals and people who are responsible for or who run audiometric testing programmes in industry. Organisations require such programmes to be run by a competent person.

Aim and Objectives

To provide delegates with the knowledge to carry out industrial audiometry, categorise and evaluate results, together with the introduction to the principles of hearing conservation in the workplace and provide an overview of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005

Learning Outcomes

This course is designed to give the delegates an in-depth working knowledge of audiometric testing programmes through practical learning including:-

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the requirements of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of a noise management programme.
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the effects of noise on the hearing mechanism.
  • Demonstrate the ability to explain the role of the questionnaire prior to audiometric testing of client
  • Demonstrate proficiency in performing ear examination using an otoscope
  • Demonstrate the ability to explain appropriate audiometric testing process to clients, ensuring their understanding.
  • Demonstrate competence in performing industrial audiometric testing.
  • Demonstrate competence in categorizing and interpretation of results.
  • Demonstrate an in depth knowledge of the referral system and implement as appropriate.
  • Demonstrate the ability to explain the results of the testing to the client.
  • Understand the principles of a good record keeping system.

Course Overview

The course consists of 3 days, which are structured in the following way-

Day 1

Following Registration and Introduction, the course will cover Noise at Work Regulations, the Introduction to Audiometry, following by a Pre-test Questionnaire then the continuance of the Introduction to Audiometry.  Further topics covered are Pathology of NIHL, Common Ear Complaints, Otoscopic Examination, Plotting instructions and Practice

Day 2

Commencing with a Review of the previous day and following onto Hearing Conservation, PPE, Practical Audiometry, Categorisation of audiograms and practice with the day ending with Practical work

Day 3

Commencing with a Review of the previous day and following onto Quality control in audiometry, Basic Acoustics, Revision then Practical Work, together with a Practical and Written assessment with the day ending with an Evaluation of the course.

Venue and Mode of Delivery

A 3 Day BSA Approved Surveillance Audiometry Training Course held in Bathgate – Scotland with a practical and written assessment which will take place on day three and successful delegates will receive a Certificate of Competence.

  • Helen Capps, Pindar
  • Gary Crane, PandA Metal Components Ltd

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