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£775.00 (£930.00 inc VAT)

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14 days

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On this Noise at Work Assessments Training Course you will learn all of the requirements of complying with The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. Our highly experienced and qualified tutors will cover all current legislation and standards, a large practical session of using sound level meters, analysing your measured data, understanding noise and its effects on humans and principles of acoustics during a 2 week “blended learning” course.

Who should attend this Noise at Work training?

This method of open learning will suit you if you are motivated and love to learn your own way. It might be that you have been on a course before, have carried out this type of assessment before, or simply have a propensity for self-guided learning. If you feel that you learn better in company or face-to-face with a tutor, then it might be better for you to attend one of our residential courses.

This course is also ideal as a refresher if you have completed one of our courses in the past, or if you are based overseas and traveling is difficult.


The open nature of this course means there are a number of elements or ‘modules’ to complete, which do not necessarily have to be done in a particular order although you might find that some elements follow others more naturally.

Module 1 - Overview webinar download

This is a downloaded webinar to get you up to speed with the basics and used to some of the terms and concepts so that you can get the most from the supported training sessions. There is also the first of the informal quizzes to complete following the video to test any pre-existing knowledge. Don’t worry, this course does not require previous knowledge of the subject matter, just a willingness to learn in your own way!

Module 2 - Live Video Tutorials

Split into six sessions over 2 weeks, each 90 minutes long, so you have time to fit them into a busy schedule and have breaks between sessions to catch up on anything you missed and to ask off-line questions of your tutor if needed. One of these sessions will be a guest speaker slot, to give you a varied perspective on one aspect of the course.

These sessions are also recorded, so if you miss one, you can catch up, albeit without the ability to ask live questions.

Further to this, you get an extra one-to-one video tutorial session with your tutor, during which you can discuss anything you wish and get any specific questions answered and address any areas you feel you need extra assistance with.

Module 3 – Video Lecture Downloads

We have several pre-recorded lectures that cover specific sections of the syllabus, which allows you to sit and take in the information and note down questions to ask later. There are then quizzes or tests to test your knowledge leaned from that lecture.

Module 4 – Practical Session

You will be given guidance on how to carry out practical measurements, including a video on what to do and what not to do, a printed guide including a measurement do’s and don’ts checklist and the opportunity to ask questions before you start. All you need to do is measure something at work or home and video record yourself doing it and submit the video for review. You will then receive group feedback from your tutor in one of the live video sessions.

Module 5 – Online quizzes or tests

Although these do not form part of the assessment grade for the course, you will be required to partake in some of these and we do not like to leave you if you need extra support, so we will make sure you can get through them in full!

Module 6 – Project Report

The assessment for this course is based on a workplace project, which would normally include measurements taken at your company, followed by a report written up and submitted for marking. If you are unable to take measurements at work, then it is possible to use home DIY equipment, which can be done whilst the module 2 sessions are in progress. You have 3 months from the end of the course to submit your report.

What will you achieve?

Successful completion of the six modules will result in the awarding of a 3 Year Certificate of Competency, giving you the evidence, you need to prove your suitability for performing assessments in the workplace.


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