Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Course

Learn about Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance.

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2 days

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Predictive Maintenance and Condition Monitoring of systems is used to monitor equipment to ensure it is running correctly. By using techniques such as vibration or temperature measurement the status of equipment can be monitored as problems such as bearing imbalance, oil conditions, corrosion and overheating occur. Problems can be solved and equipment fixed before it breaks.

Who Should Attend

Anyone with the responsibility for maintenance of plant and machinery in industry should attend this course. This might include those with management or supervisory roles or those engineers assigned to the task of coordinating or carrying out maintenance schedules and procedures.

This course is ideally suited to plant and production managers, maintenance engineers, fitters or any production staff with a part to play in the maintenance and efficiency of process equipment and machinery.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this course is to equip delegates to become instrumental in the increased efficiency of process plan and machinery. By understanding the fundamental principles of condition monitoring and maintenance planning, those attending can then play key roles in effective preventative maintenance, improved efficiency and increased productivity in their respective industries. The practical nature of Castle Training Academy courses will give delegates the insight they need to implement learning from day 1 following this training.

  • To build an understating of the principles of condition monitoring
  • To give a background to vibration, temperature, other factors required
  • To look at maintenance planning and the issues involved
  • To develop an understanding of methods of monitoring and systems
  • To show how information from monitoring is used to plan effectively
  • To lead to an understanding of the measurable outcomes on efficiency and productivity


The assessment of this course is based upon a multi-choice examination paper and a project based on the delegates own workplace. Successful completion of the programme will lead to an IOSH Managing Safely Certificate.

Course Overview

This 2 day course is seminar based with practical demonstrations and a variety of learning methods. The course first establishes some of the fundamentals of the parameters involved including vibration, temperature and power. These principles are then built-on to cover information handling and understanding, including baseline establishment, trend-analysis and trigger levels.

The second half of the course then looks into the use of gathered information to set up maintenance schedules and preventative programmes. This also involves and understanding of the benefits and measurability of the effect of such programmes.

What You Will Achieve

This course leads to a Castle Training Academy certificate of competence in condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.


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